Friday, December 31, 2010

Random New Year's Resolutions/Goals

  • I want to be more like the Pioneer Woman.  Lofty goal, I know, but when I grow up I do want to be like her.

  • Get at least one pedicure this year.  My feet are dryer than dry right now and would be eternally grateful.

  • Loose 10 er 15 pounds.  This means more water and exercise and less sugar and sitting in front of the computer.

  • Look at life with the cup is half full thinking.

  • NEVER allow myself to have a uni-brow at anytime this year.  Not such an easy feat...but it can be done.

  • Stop caring what other people think.  I will NEVER please everyone and I cannot be everything to all people.  Seems easy...but being the people pleaser I am...not so easy.

  • Smile more.  Smiling is my favorite.

  • Laugh more.  Healthy.

  • Remember to do small things for my is those small things that we forget to do the longer we are married.

  • More time listening to my kids...less time cleaning.  I may need a maid on this one.  Any volunteers??

  • Figure out how to grow out my nails...even if they spend 90% of the time in water doing some type of cleaning.  Any suggestions??

  • melanie


    Mike Golch said...

    I hope that you have a fantanstic New Year.

    Tammie said...

    I will definitely join you on the pedicure... and the Pioneer Woman thing... and losting a few lbs... 2010 was bad on my scale... yay! Yay! Yay! Pray you walk in His Deep Love this year!! Me too!!!

    Melanie said...

    yaya!! :D Maybe we can get a pedi together Tammie!

    Thank you...Mike!