Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a man!!

I was out with my T the other day on a lunch date and as we were talking and sharing, tears welled up in my eyes and the respect I had for him seemed to overwhelm me.  

T grew up in a conservative fundamental type upbringing.  When I met T, he was very tired and frustrated with the denomination he was in.  He had actually gone through a period of time that he told me that if this was all there was ...then why??  I wish he could tell his story.  I think I will make sure he writes another guest post soon.  Long story short...God changed his life forever.  

This brings me back to the tears and awe and respect for him I felt the other day.  T gave up so much to know the Lord.  Tongues itself completely cuts him off from the denomination he grew up in.  His thoughts on healing and prosperity, faith, and grace seals it.  He actually didn't loose friendships...but they were never the same.  His family does not understand him.  All for the truth.  What would YOU give up...to know the truth??  I am married to one brave man..!  Amazing man of God ... my T..my husband!  What a man!


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Jen said...

Beautiful post on your husband!