Monday, December 13, 2010


"It is amazing what comes out of our mouths.  The things we say to one another.  We just HAVE to tell that person. So we let them have it.  Our words are like bullets in a machine gun...bam..bam..bam.  Hitting everyone around.  Then we calm down...and we are surrounded by bleeding people, and we wonder why people don't want to speak to us.  We wonder why they withdraw."

I heard this the other day in a teaching I was listening too.  Isn't it the truth!!  Goodness...there have been a couple times that I definitely would have kept my big mouth shut if I had known the reaction of the person I was speaking too.  I just want to speak the truth in love.  I found that if I am ever going to confront something and it is to defend, protect, coddle to self/me...then it is a a good rule to leave it alone.  :D  God is good at defending me.  


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Jan Parrish said...

So much truth here. God, keep guard over my mouth!