Monday, December 13, 2010


There is a family that lives in town with 12 kiddos.  They are all growing up and now there are grandchildren and families are being joined.  I have been so blessed watching their relationships.  They are not the norm when it comes to families joining with other families.  I am amazed how they work with each other and it just becomes one big family.  It isn't sister in is sisters... no mother in law...mothers... no brother in daughter in laws...but a son in law...but a son.  No separation or distinction that cause one to be better than the other.  The daughter is loved as a daughter.  The mother loved like a mother.  The brother loved like a true brother.  I am not around all the time..and maybe there are difficulties...but what I have seen of it it is love and freedom to be yourself.  You are not expected to go to this church or this family function out of obligation, no touchiness, but there is truly love being given and received.  I have not seen a family unit behave this way...and to watch is amazing to me.  Such grace...such love.....  They truly are an example of what we should walk in.  Blesses my heart.


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