Thursday, December 16, 2010


"When circumstances are very bad, get your Bible and some teaching and go off by yourself until you stop negative thoughts from bombarding your mind." - KC

ah...this ministered to me so much.  I think this is how my mother was able to have a child dying of cancer (miraculously healed btw) and never let on that anything was really bad.  Or when we were homeless for almost a year, camping and going from different shelters, she never let on how bad it was.  Never.  She looked by faith not sight.  She always looked to God and in His goodness.   She never doubted it and trusted Him in all things.  This did not come from talking and dwelling on the negative.  It came from constant fellowship with her God.  I remember she had a notebook filled with scripture that she carried everywhere she went.  She was always looking to God and not what her five sense were telling her.  Some may think she wasn't being "real".  I think she was a real as real can get...she knew who her Father was and trusted His nature.

I also think that as Believers we are constantly engaging with what we see all the time.  How blind can we be if we think that all there is is what we see with our physical eyes and how deaf can we be if we think all there is is what we hear with our physical ears.  You are spirit.

We are always trying to fix the outward stuff but never dealing with the true problem...the heart.  I worked at a ranch for boys for two years and I know well that you can make a child fold his clothes perfectly, make his bed perfectly, walk in a line perfect and obey...but if the heart had not changed, then when they left my authority..truly what was in them would come to light.  Good or Bad.

    Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.- Matthew 12:34 (New King James Version)


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