Saturday, September 5, 2009

random thoughts

When THIS happens..then all will be good in life. Have you ever thought that? When you look around and you are busy as busy could be and you think if things would just slow down or when we buy this house or pay off this debt or when the kids grow up or I have a better job... It goes on and on, doesn't it? When are you going to be happy with your present life? When all things line up the way you picture them?

It is time to enjoy life now, in the present. So often, we live disappointed lives...and it is not God's fault. We make choices. We make decisions. Our lives are a series of decisions that affect us and all those around us. "It's A Wonderful Life" isn't so far off.

We walk around with carnal minds, thoughts of God and His ways are few and far between. So absorbed with all that is around us that it is a wonder that we hear from God at all. We constantly make decisions based on our feelings of fear or logic...never leaving room for the spiritual to take hold in our lives. We have more faith in the power of the devil than of God's redemptive power. We look back on our lives and see the failures...and cry out for peace and success. Our eyes are so full of carnality..we cannot see God moving even if He were to give a cloud by day and fire by night.

What have you been thinking on lately? Have you thought of God? Do you only think of Him when you are needing something? Do you ever praise God just for Him...loving Him because He is? you blame Him for your failures?

I do not believe that we will see the power of God in our lives if we are full of the circumstances of life. When people look in our they see a reflection of God's face or do they see worry, doubt, bitterness, sadness? We believe that God has the power to do all...but do we believe that He wants to do good in our life? I think that if you personalize it...few people think that God really wants to do good in their own personal lives. We believe for others..but rarely ourselves.

Thinking out loud this morning!!



Sassy Granny ... said...

First of all I just have to say how tickled I am to be greeted by your coffee/flip-flop header whenever I come to visit. You'd love it here in Arizona!

Now about those thoughts ...

Living in the NOW helps me stay focused on the rich & lovely, the simple. It's where I'm nearest the Lord. When I get too far out there; or when hindsight plagues me, He often seems equally distant.

Anyway, the random thoughts aren't so randon. Thank you!


Melanie said...

Thank you, Kathleen! You bless me!

Pat Jenkins said...

dreaming of the "greener" side of things can distort the proper place we are to be!!... good post miss melanie....

Jan Parrish said...

So very true. Let's agree to live in the moment and make the best of each day.

Sassy Granny ... said...

OK ... brew yourself some fresh coffee, grab your flip flops, and come out here. You're missed!

Blessings, Kathleen

Melanie said...

Kathleen.. :) Thank you!!! I wish I could!