Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So Busy

So busy! This is our world. We have so many wonderful conveniences that are supposed to make our lives easier and give us more time for things we really want to do but still we run around hurried and pressured.

I so long for good relationships. It always hurts my heart when we have relationships with people and we make little effort to really spend the time needed to cultivate the relationship. I am guilty of it. I can think of people that I have told over and over..."We need to get together." ~ and we still have yet to actually set a date.

It is sad to me. We are surrounded with the best technology in the world..with more resources to spend the time we need with people. Most of us know a lot of people..but there is a big difference between know of and knowing. :(

It takes time, effort, and cultivation..and vulnerability. It is hard in this age. I just read a post by my sister that echoes my heart right now. Tammie did a great job. Go check it out here...

What are your thoughts?



Tammie said...

Thanks :-) Love you!

Jen said...

Great post! It is so true. And I am guilty of it...saying let's get together and so much time passes. Thanks for the reminder to make relationships a priority.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Perhaps because I'm older now (but not yet OLD), I am much, much better about laying aside the dithers to get to the good stuff. Choices and priorities will always be at odds with demands. I suppose it all boils down to choosing wisely.

This is such a timeless and worthwhile point, my friend. Thank you for raising it. And by all means, raise it again and again. We can never hear too often or too much about the value of loving people. Our gift of time to them (and ourselves) is priceless!


Chris said...

I totally agree! I am new to this whole blogging thing but I just love this blog b/c it speaks to me so much. I always have good intentions and I do really want to get together with people, but at the end of the day, home is always nice. Effort is hard to have at times for me. So is diligence. I too am greatful for your post. It has really made me reflect over who I need to make priority as we head into the weekend. Thank you!