Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday 13 ~ 1st Edition

My favorite fruits ~

  1. strawberries
  2. blueberries
  3. gala apples
  4. kiwi
  5. watermelon
  6. cantelope
  7. grapes
  8. oranges
  9. pineapple
  10. bananas
  11. raspberries
  12. blackberries
  13. nectarines
If you want to participate go to Thursday 13.

What are your favorite fruits?!


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Andrea@HHW said...

mmmm strawberries are my favorite, but nectarines are a close second! We live in the land of tree fruit, and you can literally smell the peaches, etc this time of year!

Isolated Existence. said...

I love strawberries and cantelope! So sweet ;-)

Cynthia said...

you know, I bet most people couldn't name thirteen fruits that they eat ... much less call it a favorite list.

I love all of these. Top on my list is watermelon and cantaloupe ... any melon really. Then I love peaches, good ripe off the tree peaches.

lovesmukiwa said...

I am a fan of Fugi apples, but gala is a close second :)

AD said...

you make my mouth water :)

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