Thursday, April 9, 2009

hope peace

I am sure with all that is going on in our world...we are in need of real hope. Different ones even voted this past election based on hope and change. Yet..hopelessness abounds.

Coming up is Easter or Resurrection Sunday. If you are seeking peace and hope, then read your Bible about what God did for you so many years ago. A baby was born and an Angel said..."Peace on earth, goodwill toward all men." I am sure we look around and say..WHAT? Peace on earth? where? Personally, I don't think that there will ever be real peace on this earth till Jesus returns. I believe he is telling of what Jesus will do on the cross and how by taking our sin...there will be peace between God and man once again. If you are aching and crying for peace and hope...then hope in God and when you do..there is a peace that is hard to describe..even in the hardest of circumstances. :)


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Charlana Kelly said...

The simplicity and beauty of your heart is such a blessing. Charlana