Friday, April 17, 2009

cabinet bling

I had been wanting handles for my cabinetry..but they just seemed like something we didn't "HAVE" to have at the time. Extra. So...I was out doing one of my fav things...thrifting...and came across these handles. The thrift store is a habitat for humanity thrift they get things in for homes all the time. These handles were still in the bag, new, and I went online and found their original price at ...$5.00 a piece! I got them for a dollar a piece. So...for $35.00..I got my "bling"! :)



Pat Jenkins said...

i am more impressed with how you lined up all the holes!!!!.. he he!!!

Jen said...

Is that a Texas star on the wall!? It looks like a TX star. I'm going to pretend it is!

melanie said...

PJ..had a bit of husband help! a star! LOL

Grace said...

well, first of all, i love the offset cabinets--they're unique and gorgeous! and good find with the handles--they fit in perfectly. :)

MKHKKH said...

The handles really dress the cabinets! You find some amazing deals. When do you find the time to shop?!

Yes, we did get all that snow. Close to 2 feet. It is so wet and heavy but melting fast. It is suppose to be in the mid 70s by Wed. Got to love that crazy CO weather.