Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anyone have a Testimony?? I do!!

My little girls came running to see if I was ok.  While mopping my kitchen floor, I had slipped and fallen very hard on my tailbone.  When my girls arrived I could only lay on the floor.  20 minutes later, I was gingerly able to get up.  The pain was severe. 

Two weeks later the radiating and aching pain was still disrupting my life.  Pain would wake me in the night.  I had difficulties standing up or sitting down.  I felt irritable and frustrated, and I was not fun to be around. 

One day, I was talking to the Lord.  (Quite honestly, I was whining.)  “Lord, I wish I didn’t believe how I believe sometimes.  Everyone whom I meet and tell about this gives me the Word of God.  Where is the love?  Where are the hugs, and kind words?  Where is the compassion?   I want sympathy, pity, and “love”…but no, all I get is a finger pointing back to your Word.”  (Yes, sad but true, I was complaining and feeling sorry for myself.)

That evening I was sitting on the bed with my husband.  I was not painless in any position, so I had propped myself up in a way that minimized the throbbing.  I got a phone call from my sister.  She had recently had surgery to remove a cyst the size of a tennis ball.   A follow up appointment that had included an ultra sound was not favorable.  She had new cysts and many more were developing.  Being very scared, she had spent a lot of time on the computer doing research.   “I think I have ovarian cancer,” she wailed, “no one understands!  They are always giving me Bible verses!  Where is the love???” 

At first I thought ‘Hallelujah!’  Someone to sympathize with!    But as I listened to her talk, I felt the Holy Spirit envelope me.  He started speaking to me. He was answering my questions.  I began to share with my sister…

“When people give you God’s Word and point to the Lord, they are giving you the greatest gift you could receive.  I know God’s Word works.  I have seen God restore, redeem, resurrect, and heal through those promises in His Word.  So when they give you God’s Word, when I give you God’s Word, I love you in a way that is far more beneficial than feeling sorry for you or with you.  I am giving you God’s Power to change your situation.  The compassion of God wells up in me when I give you scripture and encourage you to believe what He has said. “

As I said these things tears welled up in my eyes.  God was giving us His best.  He wasn’t giving us just a band-aid that would fall off later, but power to be victorious!!  I prayed with my sister, loved her, and reminded her of God’s Word .  When I got off the phone I moved the way I had moved for days…very carefully.  Then it dawned on me…wait!  NO PAIN!!  My dear Lord had healed me while I was speaking His healing to my sister!!! 

But that is not the end of the story.  A few weeks later, I got another phone call from my sister.  She had gone in for her next medical check-up.  The tests were done as they had been done before, but the doctors could not find anything wrong. NO cysts!!  Totally healed!  Glory to God!   As I had shared God’s Word with my sister, He healed both of us.  Nothing is impossible with Him!

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Tammie Hull said...

I left a testimony about God healing my toothache!! (This is my second attempt!) After a few days of feeling a growing sensitivity in my gums... and fearing the worst (financially and knowing a toothache cannot be ignored).... i placed my hand on my chin area one night (after turning over so i would not be lying on that side of my mouth), I asked Him to heal it. I have had NO pain since that night which was Monday, and today is Sunday. YEAH!! Thank You LORD JESUS!