Monday, May 23, 2011

Loving God Means Loving People

I went to a nursing home on Saturday.  Our church makes a monthly trip there to sing, minister and love on people.  We have seen 5 people receive Jesus in the last couple months. While we were there...there was a man whose shoe fell off. I watched him and try as he might he could not get the shoe back on. I went over and the closer I got I saw that his feet were not so pretty and putting the shoe back on would require me touching his feet. (I am not a fan of feet...even pretty feet.  Feet make me gag.) The Holy Spirit so quietly began to minister to me. Jesus washed feet. The man was adored by God. He loved this man. I thought of the feeling I have for my children. I lovingly put the shoe back on for him. What God values most is people.  I am learning that loving people requires loving the unlovely as well.  



Sean Marrin said...

Great post - one of my old friends likes to say humans are God with flesh. I like thinking it's up to me to be mindful of how God uses others to speak to me.

Kasey said...

So humbling when these kind of things happen. LOVE it :) God is so good. And He loves people. Serving God and serving people is what we were made for.