Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been thinking on this a lot.  I am so terrible with relationships.  Terrible with the time factor.  I find that I get so absorbed with cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, taking care of kiddos, being a wife that it seems near impossible to fit others into my life.  

I have always thought of myself as a people person.  I love being with others, meeting new people, hanging out with friends.  Love it.  At the same time, I can also feel overwhelmed with life in general with all the responsibilities that I can get caught up with that when I do have down time I just need to be alone or I would choose to spend time with my kiddos or husband.

I want to be a blessing to others...I want good, solid relationships and this isn't going to happen if I am holed up because I am exhausted....  Relationships need time.  Any suggestions with this??  



Mike Golch said...

I have one relationship that I did get right.My Celestine and I have been married now for 31 years.

Melanie said...

Mike...that is awesome! My T and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary today...and I did get that one right as well!! :D I am sooo thankful!

Mmmusings said...

The absolutely wonderful news in this is that you understand the "work" that is required to build solid friendships, which essentially means that you're a very good friend--one who likes to go deep and is not just into surface-y. How lucky your friends are to have you! However, you're in a season of life where your children and husband are priorities. So here's my suggestion. Recognize it's a season! It will pass. Enjoy it. Make the best of it. One day, those kiddos will be on their own, and you'll have lots of time to develop deep, meaningful relationships with others. In the meantime, if you feel an urge to hang out with friends, put the cleaning on hold for a week or so and enjoy. As a reformed clean-a-holic, I can attest that a little dirt--a lot of dirt?--doesn't hurt anybody.

Melanie said...

Thank you ..Mary!! Great advice!