Thursday, March 10, 2011


Planning is good.  Planning makes events, parties, schedules go smoother and makes life simpler in the long run.  I like plans.  I like good communication.  I like purposeful decisions.  
There are a few decisions I have made in the past that honestly I go... oi!!  If I could go back and have a redo I probably would.  I can see God's hand and provision even with a bad decision though and I am extremely grateful for a long-suffering, full of grace God.  

What if you went by a wreck on the road and the person next to you says..."I know who causes all these accidents."  You say.."OK...who causes all these accidents??"  They say..."The policeman, fireman, and ambulances."  You look at the person like they are out of their mind and say..."How is that??"  They say... "Whenever I go by an accident they are ALWAYS there."   You would think they were totally crazy in their thinking...but we do this with God all the time.  

I am learning that so often when things are hard and frustrating...most of the time it is fleshy, carnal ME.  My poor decisions.  My lack of hearing the Father's voice.  My lack of discipline to spend time with my God.  I am grateful that even in my ignorance or disobedience...God is so good to come alongside me, forgive me and pick me up...brush me off and guide me onto higher ground.  Romans 8:1.

I am not saying God does not test us.  He does with His Word.  You will be expected to do what you hear and He will put lots of opportunities to put to action what you learn of Him...but He tempts no one.  I am not saying that you will never have hard times or tribulation....they WILL come...  but I am going through with Christ with and in me.  :D


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