Thursday, January 27, 2011


Every good gift and every perfect (free, large, full) gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of all [that gives] light, in [the shining of] Whom there can be no variation [rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [as in an eclipse]. - James 1:17 (Amplified Bible)

I have the most amazing, wonderful husband ever!!  We have been married 15 years and it gets better by the day.  Ripening into a fine wine.  I will still choose his company over all the friends I have.  I still get giggly when I know that he is coming home from work.  Now...not always...there are tired days...but always, always  look forward to him walking through the door and getting a hug or kiss or both from my man.  I am proud of him.  I love his ways.  I enjoy conversations and time with him.  

God, thank you for such a wonderful gift.  



Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing about your wonderful husband. I wish every woman and man felt the same way you do. Your children are blessed to have parents who love each other.

Melanie said...

ah...thanks!! :D