Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rave Review Coconut Cake

A few days ago, I got the honor of baking a cake for an Aunt.  After asking a few questions, I found out that she loved coconut.  I quickly found a recipe online and this is what was made - Rave Review Coconut Cake.  Wow, wow, wow.  It turned out AMAZING!!  I was thankful that the cake stayed with the birthday girl.  I would have had a piece tooo many!!  It is that good!  My husband wants it for his birthday now.  It was really that good!!  My kids didn't get a witness being that it was full of coconut.  My daughter made chocolate chip cookies for all the kiddos.  :D  If you love coconut...I would totally recommend this amazing cake!



Jen said...

Yum! It looks and sounds wonderful!

Tammie said...

it does look wonderful... maybe you could try again for Christmas...??? ;-)

Melanie said...

:D We will see!