Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amazing Provision

I love glass glasses...but with five children there are hazards for breakable things around here.  We also have very hard water, so after a few washes the glasses do look pretty sad.  

I did notice the other day our cupboard was looking pretty bare when it comes to cups and I breathed a prayer and moved on to the next thing I needed to do that day.  As you can see...we are overflowing with glasses now.  Most of them were given to us and the thing is...I never said anything.  I also love that there isn't one cup...but we are overflowing in cups now.  I haven't figured out where the glasses are going on the counter yet.  LOL  I actually have a box of dishes for the goodwill out in the garage.  

God is so good.  Ephesians 3:20



Roger Hemphill said...

Neat ! Psm 23 says "My cup runneth over" ... that's talking abundance for a sheep. When your cupboard runneth over ... that's an indicator of abundance and the Blessing of God on His Kids!

Melanie said...

Roger...yes! amen!