Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guest Post

It is my sincere privilege to be given this opportunity to guest post on my wife's blog.   She is an amazing woman of God and the most compassionate person I know.  Thank you Mel.

"Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  This is what Jesus said in Mark chapter 1.  Immediately four men who had fished for a living on the Sea of Galilee left everything and followed Jesus.  

If you look at the accounts in the other gospels of this, you'll see that this was not the first encounter that these men had had with Jesus.  Some of these men had been disciples of John the Baptist...Jesus had preached offshore from some of their boats...Jesus had healed their relatives...Jesus had commanded them a miraculous catch of fish...etc...    Point is, these men were looking for the Messiah.  These men were ready for Jesus.  And Jesus was ready for them.

Fishermen in Biblical times had to be strong, patient, and community oriented businessmen.   Jesus came along, I believe, looking for people with certain characteristics coupled with an expectancy of Messiah.  Jesus did not pick the clergy, the preachers, the highly educated theologians.  No, He first chose these hardworking fishermen.  And immediately they left everything and followed Him.

May I be patient, faithful, hard working, and serving people.  And may I couple that with an expectancy for God's Word and be willing to obey. 

Jesus has done miracles in my life.  He gave up His divine privileges and came to earth as a man.  He showed me how to live.  He died on the cross to take my sins upon Himself.  He rose again and conquered the grave.  He poured His Spirit out upon me.  I have seen Him heal me, and have had Him heal others with His power through me.

And He has given me and you the same invitation as these 4 fishermen.  

Immediately follow Him.


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Tammie said...

Love hearing your Voice Terry!! :-) Love you!