Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Blonde Little Girl

Standing in line at the grocery store, a woman was paying in front of me and had a little girl and a little boy sitting in her grocery cart.  A friend of hers recognized her and came by and struck up a conversation.  They were loud...and I guess I was being with that combination I heard the entire conversation.  The little girl sitting in the cart had been picked up by the woman at about 4 am that morning (foster care).  The blonde little 3 or 4 year old had just been taken from her mother.  The whole of that morning the little girl had been asking for her mommy.  She was completely confused as to how it could be a bad thing to be with her mom.  *sigh*  I payed for my groceries and went to the truck and wept for that tiny little child.  When I got home, I immediately took my little girl in my arms and told her how terribly much I loved her.  

Whenever you feel that life is not how you picture it...remember that there is always someone that is going through far worse than you are.  


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