Thursday, September 30, 2010


What is God teaching me right now?  He is teaching me that people are much more important than things.  Things are temporary...people are not.  That my reaction to different situations will clearly show where my love walk is.  How?  For instance, kid throws up all over the carpet.  Is my focus on the carpet...or on the kid who isn't feeling well?  An ambulance goes screaming by.  Is my concern for the person being rushed away..,,or on the fact that I am being slowed down.  A child is misbehaving in the store, I show some compassion towards the parents...or am I throwing judgement their way.  The person in front of me is taking FOREVER in the grocery I patient or flipping out.  If I go out to eat, am I treating the waiter/waitress with love and respect or demanding my way and complaining the whole time how bad a job they are doing?  Do I make people look good, even if they don't deserve it?  

Our lives are a series of tests that really reflect what is on the inside of us.  If we are constantly reacting to situations and throwing innocent people under the bus, we just aren't walking in the love of Christ.  

This is what God has been showing me and desiring me to change... LOVE people first and foremost.  


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Anonymous said...

It is so good to have relocated you. I have missed your posts. (I have been the one MIA-not u.)

What you have posted here is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to the church. It is time we walk in the love of God and flow with His precious Holy Spirit. They will know we are Christians by our love....

I look forward to your future posts and insights. Now on to figure out how to follow your blog (I am on Wordpress) without missing out any anything.

Have a wonderful day!

PS. I don't know about you, but I have thoroughly enjoyed our recent weather!!