Wednesday, June 2, 2010


There is something I have observed over the years and a lesson learned the hard way. I think I have even posted on this before and still...I have to remind myself of the power of my words. What is the lesson? What have I observed? Wait for it...

OK..this is it. :) Have you ever been frustrated with someone? I mean, really, really frustrated? Even beyond frustration..all out offense. You are offended. I have. I know, hard to believe. I have..and instead of instantly taking to the Lord and getting over it quickly, I let it fester. I mediatated on it. Then, it got worse and worse, until it overflowed to all my friends and family. Soon, everyone knows what a booger this person is.

Observation: when you speak ill of someone to a friend, that does not know that person, YOU have now shaped an opinion of that person in that persons minds. Good or bad. Get it? YOU cause someone to think badly of another without them ever meeting. Awful!!! Now...they have a set opionion of someone, given to them by you, and it will take a lot longer for them to change their opionion. Most of time, even when you get over it, the ones you spoke to will hold onto your picture!!! I have seen it over and over. 

Lesson: Be careful how you talk of others. You can shape a persons character and motives with your words. People can look down on and form opinions of a person by your "venting". It is hard to change that opinion once it is formed. I don't believe this is love..God's love. I guess, bottom line, use the Golden rule, be quick to forgive, quick to love, and quick to believe the best. :)



Kiersten said...

True enough! May the Lord help each of us to control our tongues and to let all of our words be for the "building up" of others. :) Love you!

Mike said...

I identify with you. The tongue is SO hard to control! Lord have mercy.

Jan Parrish said...

This is a good word. So easy to fall into venting and hurting the one listening. We need to do all our venting to God.