Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing Grace

Yesterday, I watched the movie.."Amazing Grace" with my husband.  I have watched it before and actually bought it as soon as I could.  The first part of the movie always makes me weep.  William Wilberforce is so in love with the Lord and feels that there are only two options for him...the church or his job in government  The struggle is that he cannot see that serving God could mean working a secular job.  As the movie goes on his friend shows him that the Lord may be calling him to do both...serve God in the government.  

William Wilberforce makes a HUGE impact on his government and it all came from his core beliefs in Christ Jesus.  Why do we separate our lives?  Here is church...here is job...here is family... Our churches have been guilty of teaching this.  We teach to serve God then it needs to be in ministry...Pastor, leading worship, helps, church....etc.  Really?  Can God call us to work at Starbucks?  President?  Senator?  Lawyer?  Doctor?  

I would even say...where are the Christians in our secular media?  Where are the Christians in our government?  Maybe in our push to make all our children part of the "ministry"...we have lost a huge ministry field...  Are we reaping what we have sown?  

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