Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am sitting here in my living room.  It is quiet.  A quiet home is a rare thing around here.  With five children...there is constant activity.  There are times I sneak away just so I won't get the..."MOM!!  What is there to eat?  I am hungry!"  I have gotten in a habit that when one of the kiddos says they are full to start clapping and cheering!  ha!  :) 

In life you can either be thankful or unthankful.  There isn't a such thing as just being neutral when it comes to thanksgiving.  When I am the most content...I am the most thankful.  I find that to walk a walk of gratefulness and thankfulness you have to walk it continually.  If you rest for just a moment... you will naturally lean toward complaining and ungratefulness.  This is why it is so important not to allow our minds to think whatever it wants. 

So..I am thankful for healthy, happy, "hungry" kiddos. I thank God for His wonderful provision for my family. I am blessed!



Jen said...

I feel like I hear I'm hungry all day! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful! And thanks for the comment on my blog!

Melanie said...

You are so welcome..Jen! I love your blog!!

Jan Parrish said...

A quiet is house is a very rare thing for me too. My MIL has a hearing problem and turns the TV up really lOUD!