Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to brag on my sweet husband.  He came home on Thursday with roses and chocolates for me...but he also came home with roses and chocolates for his three little girls.  I rejoice daily that I have a man that treats his daughters like little princesses.  They are his delight and he loves to make them smile and love them.  All women...all girls want to be treated like a princess.  They want to hear their daddy say that they are beautiful.  It is important for us.  We will learn God's very nature and character through the actions of our earthly fathers.  Some of us did not have that...but God is so very we spend time with Him, His character is revealed and  It is amazing the love and goodness He wants to bestow on us..His princesses. 

I pray that you feel the Lord's embrace today...and hear His voice tell you of His love for you..... 

Happy V Day!!



Jen said...

That is so sweet!

Kay Day said...

I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day! You do have a good man. Sweet.