Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thanksgiving. This has been on my heart a lot lately. I am not talking about the holiday but walking in an attitude of thankfulness. I have difficulty being around complaining people. People who always tell you all their problems...ALL the time. They are constantly in the prayer line. Constantly in a dark, depressed, sobbing, ungrateful place. I have even more difficulty being around Christians that talk and behave this way. As Believers of the Most High God, we should be the most positive and the most cheerful. If we aren't, then what makes us any different than the world? Nothing. People need something different and they are watching our lives to find it. Your words are empty if you boast of a GREAT God, but turn around with a unthankful, complaining mouth and tell of all your woahs and wheys.

Some will say...well..we are being "real". I really hate that. We have a whole spiritual world that is working everyday...and we are being "real"? What is real? Is it only what you see? Give me a has to be more than what you can sense with your five senses. It is time to walk by faith. It is time to believe in the unseen. is a bad, horrible world...but I am not of this world. I am full of the Holy Spirit, a child of the Most High..and I will the thankful. I choose to be thankful. It is a choice. What is your choice...are you going to be like the world...unthankful and full of every care? Or are you going to choose to trust God, and talk with a heart of thanksgiving? It isn't easy. You will be bombarded with unthankful, ungrateful talk from everywhere. Are you willing to go against the flow?


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