Monday, October 26, 2009


I so enjoy FACEBOOK! It is a fun thing to get in touch with so many people that I enjoy! I am very close to my this is a fantastic way to keep in touch.

I do have a question?? I have several friends. Over 300 now. I feel the whole point of FB is to build my relationships...not just have people look into my life comfortably from the bleachers. I don't know about you, but I like a two-way deal.

So, what do I do with those I never hear I drop them from my friends list? Does it really matter? What are your thoughts?



Suzanne said...

I love facebook too. Apart from the fact that it seems to take over waaay too much of my time!

But I agree with you about the whole two-way thing - I can't quite figure an answer out either.

And I find another thing quite weird too....I love commenting on people's statuses and liking people's photos but some of these guys are people who I don't talk to in 'real life' (even if they live down the road) and who I only really keep in touch with because of facebook. Is that real friendship??

Kay Day said...

I enjoy it much better since I unfriended a bunch. I just have it down to people I'm truly interested in reading about and people who interact with me.

Tammie said...

I love the "hide" option. That way, they are "friends" - maybe more like acquaintances... but they don't "fog up" my screen w/ all their stuff - I see only the ones whom I want to see... YOU, and family and REAL friends. :-)

Jan Parrish said...

I think it really depends on why you are on Facebook. Are you doing to build a platform or are you just wanting to chat and hang out?

If you use Network Blogs, you can have your blog posted to your FB.

I am blogging much less now. Though I have my blog on networked blogs and it posts to my Facebook ministry page and Linkedin.

Melanie said...

seasons change and FB "friends" change; Nothing wrong with that. I hope you keep me though, because I love your encouragement!