Friday, August 7, 2009


"I'm happy to announce that high quality
Giclee Prints of this painting
can now be purchased!They're printed
on watercolor paper and
appear very much like the original.
Sizes and prices are listed below. "
~Kami Coldiron

8x10 - $25
11x14 -$40
5x7 Greeting Cards - $2.50 each

- Plus postage if mailed.

My sister paints with watercolor and is beginning to sell her beautiful work. Soon, she will be on Etsy. I will give you the link when that happens. So proud of her! She is an amazing artist with an amazing testimony. A woman of God with a tender, dear heart. I love her so much!! If you are interested in her work...let me know!



Jan Parrish said...

Gorgeous. What talent!

paula said...

I can't wait!