Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dare to dream! It is never to late to dream of big, great things! God has great plans for you. It does not matter what you have done. He can redeem the time! Dare to be childish! Dare to laugh! Dare to believe! All these things are yours if only you put your trust in the Lord!!!

When do we really grow up? Where is the line...where we shed our silly childhood and move on to more important grown up matters. What does it mean to grow up? When we worry more? Care more? We carry our responsibilities like a badge or a burden?

Growing up does not mean we laugh less, goof off less, smile less, believe less, hope less. We mature...but maturity should be that we hope in God more and cast our care on Him more and Believe Him more.



Jen said...

Yes! I love encouraging people to dream!

Pat Jenkins said...

first off miss melanie love the new look here!!... one of the great things about being a kid is we have the freedom to live free since our needs are met by others. i wonder if "adults" will allow themselves to ever experience this kid like life? or even can we?

melanie said...

PJ..i think we can..not in the sense that we shirk our even have responsibilities and don't tell a kid that they are not important..they are to them! I teach my kids cast their cares on the Lord. Do the best they can and let the Lord take care of the rest. I think it is more...just trusting that God is on your side and will take care of all the things we cannot do anything about. Most care is usually dreading and thinking of stuff that hasn't even happened! So yes..I think we can have a type of carefree life. :)

melanie said...

PJ...thanks for the compliment! I think I found a layout I like! LOL It took a little manipulating my HTML to get a three column! :)

Jan Parrish said...

So true. Never stop dreaming. Never.