Thursday, June 25, 2009


Are we? Is the church at all relevant to our world or society? I read a report a year ago that we are not. We are considered backward and ridiculous by the world. I could understand it to a point. There are some very strange Christians. Yet..what is relevant or cool? I find most of "being cool" in our society is really just another term for worldly. I don't care to be called worldly.

If we are to blame for giving Christ a bad would not be with the lingo we use or the type of clothing we wear or how hipster we may be or not be. It entirely lays on our lack of love for one another.

There is not one ridiculous Christian out there that will ever make me believe that God isn't who He is. Yep..there are people that will not represent the Lord well. But matter how much you try to get the world to like won't work. Darkness and Light do not mix. :) Love God and are not going to be liked. It was the same for Jesus. Call it an honor. :)



RDA said... should read the Fine Line by Kary Oberbrunner. Good book along this line of relevance!

Suzanne said...

Amen! "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

Jen said...

Sometimes I think the relevant piece comes into play because so many Christians think you have to live in this bubble to be holy. Jesus went to those who needed Him and wasn't afraid of what others would say. That's how I want to live!