Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We live in Florida. My husband grew up here, while, I was an army brat and moved all over the world during my childhood. We did live in Florida the first couple years of marriage. It was awful in all ways. When I left..I did not look back..believe me!!!

Then my husband went to Bible college and afterwards felt strongly that he was supposed to return to the area he grew up in. I did not get a witness at first. I did pray about it...and after time agreed. Instead of just going there right off...we went in different ways, believing eventually we would get there. It was disastrous. Yet..God is so good, and so very patient and long-suffering. He waited..and still guided.

We are here now. It has not been the easiest...but we finally feel like we are settling in. Our biggest prayers of a church have been answered. Life is not always a walk in the park..but it is good. God always provides and we can find joy in most anything. :)

Florida is still Florida....not my favorite. Full of heat, humidity, flat terrain, and bugs. If I could choose...the mountains or the pacific northwest would be a better option. But..I am sure I would not be as happy as I am right now. :) Life is very good being in the center of His will! :)



paula said...

ohh, the heat, its intense this year. Ellie wont even go outside unless we are swimming.

melanie said...

Paula...same with my kids. I don't want to go out either!!! :( I feel like it is winter in Colorado!! :)

Tammie said...

:-) It is hot and those mountains are beautiful! I am glad you are happy; He fills our cup!