Monday, May 18, 2009

yard sale finds :)

I enjoy yard sales. I do! I love finding a great deal. I do hope to get in a routine and go every weekend! I did find a few things awhile back and thought I would share. The glass containers for the chalk and crayons were only .50 cents each. The basket was only 1.00. Do you enjoy yard sales? Do you go?



Sassy Granny ... said...

I haven't been to a yard sale in years. I'm thinking I need to go!

RDA said...

Lover Yard Sales. Great way to find treasures.

I used to love looking for baseball cards, old comics, etc but being this far north in Canada I only can find Hockey Cards and Archie Comics. Just not the same!

Pat Jenkins said...

heck yea!!.. he he... your glass container holding the crayons takes me back to the candy they used to have in them sold at the ball field concession stand!!

paula said...

great finds! i need to yard sale more.

Emily said...

Those glass containers are great - and at 50 cents each - what a steal!

Pat Jenkins said...

happy memorial day miss melanie!! just a friendly reminder wipeout starts again wednesday if you didn't know already!!!

Trish said...

Hi Mel,
If we lived closer, we would be yard sale buddies! I LOVE to go to yard sales, estate sales, auctions, etc...Thankfully, my kids love it too, so we have a good ol' time finding cool stuff. Usually, we pick up a few treasures and sell them elsewhere, but it's just fun to look at other peoples' junk :-)

Hope you are having a good summer so far!