Sunday, May 31, 2009

what am I thinking?

My mind is so full tonight. I could write and write..but I am sure if I wrote it all down it would be so incoherent. This is what I struggle with when it comes to blogging: being able to put down thoughts in a short, concise way that makes sense to me and the reader. I have read many posts..that go on and on and on. SOOOO on and on they loose me and my interest. I really don't want to do that to people.

So...the main thing that I have been thinking on is this. People do not know how much God loves them. I have not clearly understood His love. If we truly understood and grasped the love that God really loves us with...we would not act the way we do. We this society, need to walk around with a "God loves me" attitude. We don't. Christians don't. We struggle with giving out God's love to others. Why? We do not know His love. We know it in a vague way...but we truly do not understand His love and have not received it. We cannot give away something we have not first received.

I want to. I have decided to meditate on scripture that has to do with His love. Then put my faith out...and believe it with all that is in me and receive it...even if I don't think I am lovable. By faith....God LOVES ME!


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Jen said...

I totally get the struggle you are talking about with blogging. Either I go too long or I feel uninspired lately. I'm hoping that changes soon for me!

RDA said...


Now if Pastors could be just as concise!

Tammie said...

oh i love your new look!!!

Ruthie said...

Nice to see you back on Monday through Sunday.

Have a great week.


Pom Pom said...

We do forget how much we are loved. Check out my blog and read the post titled THE BANNER. Smile.