Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What is the definition of rich here in America? I am sure you would imagine me with a huge home, several cars, and stuff. No. I live in a three bedroom with five children. Older cars. We don't wear the latest styles. A lot of our "stuff" comes from thrift shops and garage sales...or the clearance rack. We rarely go out to eat, we rent our home still...and do not have all the latest gadgets.

What is my definition of rich? My life. I am happy. I am not stressed. I like life. There is not strife in my home. My relationships are good.
I have healthy children, that love God. I have a great marriage. I not only love my husband, but I really, really like him. :) I can talk about God, worship at anyplace I want, without fear of persecution.

I think during these times it is easy to complain about the difficulty of life. I think our perspective has gotten a little skewed in the western world. We do not get up early in the morning to search for food and water for our families. We do not walk miles, find the water and then trek back home which is miles away. We do not pick through trash to find our food. My children have not lost both parents and other family members to AIDS or bad hygiene or poverty or starvation. My little girls have not been taken for prostitution or raped because some witch Dr. told the man...that if he rapes a virgin he will be healed.

I have nothing to complain about. I am so rich in life and in God.



Jen said...

Yes, I think almost everyday about the things I have to be thankful for. When I see the kids and the things they have to face at such a young age, my heart breaks.

MKHKKH said...

I struggle with the riches of my life. Why should I be so blessed? When I think of all the daily horrors that go on around the world, I feel guilty with the abundance of good God has given me. I can take a shower, I never have a true hunger pain, my girls don't have to worry about any of the horrible things that can happen to them and we have access to healthcare for a minor cold if we want. The blessings are so abundant. I only hope to find a way to give back a fraction of what I have been given.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Melanie: I'm with you on having love and health and family as the most important. With those blessings we are the richest in all the world!

melanie said...

I wanted to add...that riches are not a bad thing either. If you want to do anything...try to do it effectively and well..without money. Have fun with that! No fun! It isn't money that is is love for it that is. Money is a use to help others. I am not impressed with religious people that boast of their lack...or act like they have nothing thinking it is more godly. I do think that if you are abiding in will have what you need and more. I believe the attitude to believe God for just enough is the height of selfishness. It is not about you. We need to have what we need..AND is so we can love people with it...aid others. :)