Thursday, May 14, 2009


I love my parents so much. I have lost my Dad...but I do have my Mom. I have to say I am so thankful for our relationship. It is free and non-judgmental. She has disagreed with how I have done things...but she has been very wise in when to speak or when not to. She has honored my husband. Even..when the decisions we made may not have been to her liking. She has held her tongue for the most part. Never going behind his back..through discuss her "concerns". I know that she always knew that I was in God's hands..we love God..we are called according to His purposes and knew that all would work out for our good. I appreciate that. I love her for that.

I think the greatest thing about our she has allowed our relationship to change as I have grown up. When I was young the verses about "Children obey your parents in the Lord" was very true. It very well for me when I obeyed and not so well when I didn't...ha! I left home, later got married, and ventured out on my own..our relationship changed. My covering was and is God. She allowed me to navigate with the Lord as my Captain. She was always there...encouraging, praying..but never treated me as a child. If I came to her for advice..she would listen..give advice if she felt comfortable doing so..BUT the bottom line was was between God and me. :)

My relationship with my mother is friend now. She does not tell me what to do. She does not interfere. I know that there are disagreements in how I do things and how she would approach a situation..but I have never felt condemnation from her. It is good to know she trusts me and my relationship with the Lord and my ability to hear from Him and obey Him. In this safe relationship..I do feel comfortable telling her things. :)

One relationship with my own children will change. I look forward to great friendships with my children. :)



Mike Golch said...

Mothers are like that,I'm glad that you still have your Mom.I no longer have my parents,they are home with God.Some day when it is my turn to go home i will see my parents again.

Pat Jenkins said...

you don't know how well you have it miss melanie with a mother who wont "go behind your back"! .... good post!

melanie said... good to have parents that are Believers!

PJ..Thanks. I hadn't posted anything for Mother's Day..and thought it is never too late! :)