Friday, April 3, 2009

why do I blog?

I have blogged since 2005..and recently took a little break to really evaluate why I blog? Is it a journal? A compilation of all my thoughts? Is it a way to express my creativity? Is it a devotional? I would say it is comprised of all of these. It is fun. I also had to put it in its proper place and I hadn't done that in awhile. I found myself constantly thinking of what I should blog about next.

The other reason I had to set it I needed to come to terms that what I say and share are not going to be readily accepted all the time. I am ok with that. We are all in different places with our walk with the Lord and even the seasons of life (babies, teens, marriages, singleness, etc.) My blog may attract some and repel others.

Also..I needed to make sure I was writing in love at all times. It does not matter how true my words may be..if they are not in love..God's love...they will be just a lot of loud noise. I so want to walk in love in all that I do and say.

I also wanted to go back to the name of my first blog. I love the title..and its meaning. My walk with the Lord is truly a day by day...all the time...reaching into every crevice of my life relationship. Also, I do not want to merely exist...but appreciate what God has given me 24/ life truly to the fullest!!

So..I am back.


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MKHKKH said...

Melanie- Glad you are back! I didn't ever read a farewell post and was worried something horrible had happened. I completely relate to needing to set it aside and "put it in its place." It can be all consuming and when I see I am choosing it over my lil ones, I know I have crossed the line. Ahh, but the escape. :) I have enjoyed your blogs and am happy you are back! If I don't make it over every day, you know why;)