Thursday, April 23, 2009

room makeover

Just recently, I re-did my boys bedroom. They are both getting older and I wanted to do something a little more grown up. I don't have before pics. All you would have seen was white walls, a blue bunkbed and mix matched furniture.
The beds were already in the garage. I had found both sets at a garage sale a few years back for $60.00 for both. I had them in my girls room when we had a larger home. The boys really did not like the bunkbeds and it occurred to me..use what I have and paint them! At first, I was nervous that they would look to girly..but with the glossy black..they turned out perfect.
The bookshelf was found at Target a couple years ago for $5.00
Then the container that holds their toys/sports stuff was found at a yard sale as well for $10.00. I love how old it looks!
I found the gun racks at a yard sale for $4.00 for their fishing poles and BB guns.

I am not totally done with the room. I am seriously considering monogramming their initials above their beds and also putting up a couple corkboards so they have something to showcase any odds and ends. I am also looking for a couple small shelves as they can showcase anything they want above their bed. Also, a roman shade for the window.

Anyway...I got most of it done. The paint was found at Home Depot in the Oops paint for $5.00. So for less than $60.00 and using things I already have around the house....the boys got a new room. They love that makes me happy!!!



Jen said...

Great job! Looks fantastic!

Jen said...

Gotta Love a bargian- and the talent for it, you have! Looks great.

MKHKKH said...


Pat Jenkins said...

i love the gun rack idea!!... i hope you have some before and after pictures of what you do miss melanie. it would be great to look back and see for your "yourself" what you have accomplished.....

melanie said...

Thank you ladies!!!

PJ ~ I do need to make more of an effort to do before pics! :) Maybe..a gun rack for fishing in your future?! :)