Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He may send me to Africa!!

Have you heard this comment when someone is thinking of surrendering all to God? Oh no, He may send me to some remote, awful, bug infested area, with no toilets or toilet paper and in a hut with dirt floors. UGH!

Really? Is that really how you see your Father, God? Is your relationship with Him that shallow?
When I hear these comments, I hear someone that has not tasted God and does not trust or know God's character. When we get in tuned with God...spend time with Him...we will get His purpose and know His will and we will do whatever it takes to help Him fulfill His plan here on earth. ANYTHING! And, we will be fulfilled doing it. I am not saying it will be easy. In fact..I guarantee it will be hard on your flesh at times and you may go through some very uncomfortable times.

I do know..you will be fulfilled. There is something extremely joyful...about being fulfilled in God...


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RDA said...

Amen. Good stuff. I think ultimately fear is a big issue here. Fear of the unknown, the what if's. Of course the opposite of that is faith.

Charlana Kelly said...

It's amazing to me how people automatically think God will send them far away when the greatest mission field we have is just across our backyard fence.

Years ago I went to India, when I shared that I was going one person actually said it was the "hell hole" of the earth. My trip was completely amazing and God did marvelous things. The people were peaceful and loving and open to Christ. Then I went to Africa after years of hearing how no one should go. Again one of the most glorious, fruitful times of my life for God.

Both opportunities changed me forever and also made me sad when I thought of how the devil deceives good people into thinking they will never go far for the sake of the Gospel.

Guess what? The people who discouraged me have never been to either place... guess they'll never go.

Jen said...

At first I thought you were writing a post about how you were coming to Africa! :)

People who say that also haven't been here because it's absolutely beautiful!

Tammie said...

Thumbs up on that one!

Pat Jenkins said...

i wouldn't mind having to be "sent" to aruba though miss melanie... heck i will take south florida... he he!

Kasey said...

This is so true! Ive heard people like that..including our sister who would never go to Africa or anywhere uncomfortable. But for me...I look at it as an adventure!! I'm going to spnd next summer in the Dominican Republic where there is crappy eectricity, theres not free access to water for showers and washing up. Theres a ton of bugs and weird animals. Mud huts. Where its uncomfortable and hot and humid all the time. BUt IM EXCITED!!! God is going to do so much there and its going to be such a learning experience! I so much look forward to it! :) its gonna be a great adventure.