Monday, April 20, 2009


There are a few foundational things that I have learned and practice in my walk with God......
  1. God is good...all the time. He does not allow or cause or strike tragedy on me or my loved teach or change me. I don't understand why certain terrible things happen..but I do was not God.
  2. There is no darkness in God. If it is is not God. God is light.
  3. There is no fear in God. None. No good fear..ever.
  4. Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues. I know..most people run in fear the minute you say you speak in tongues. is in Acts and it is something all the NT believers had when they got saved. Just the attack and fear that surrounds it..makes me think Satan has done a good job in making people fear it. I know that some would say it isn't that big of a deal. For me and my family it is.
  5. Love. I am consistently learning what the Love of God is. Why? God is love. Not has love or gives it..but IS it. I think it is something that seriously needs to be pursued all the time and walked out.
  6. Knowing the authority that Jesus gave me on this earth.
I am sure I can think of a few more, but this is a good start. These foundations shape the way I think about things and even how I relate to my Heavenly Father.


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Pat Jenkins said...

miss melanie you have built a "great" foundation in your home!!!